Friday, July 28, 2006

Will all law-enforcement policy be put to a plebiscite?

Imagine if there was a vote over whether or not local police should make jaywalkers a higher priority.

Something similar may be going on in Phoenix. According to the Tucson Citizen, a group called Protect Our City may have put an initiative on the ballot in Phoenix that will require the police and all city officials to aid in enforcing the flawed Federal immigration policy "to the full extent permissible by law."

"The full extent permissible by law" means one heck of a lot more than now. Going after people without the right visas--that's all "illegals" are--would be higher priority than rape, murder, or property crime. Police have opposed using local law enforcement to do Immigration and Naturalization Services' work because of the time and resources it would take to do so. Protect Our City would have it take up most of their time.

From whom are they protecting Phoenix, anyway? The construction worker, the seamstress, the student, and the nanny?

Want your local taxes to go towards bringing real criminals--that is, ones with victims--to justice? Vote down the initiative, also called Protect our City, this November.

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