Saturday, September 09, 2006

Want to buy some vinyl siding?

I just recieved an automated phone call from the Bill Johnson for Congress campaign, a recording of Joe Sweeney associate, creep, convicted thief, and registered Republican Russ Dove talking about how out-of-touch the Democratic Party leadership is and declaring single-issue candidate Johnson the peoples' choice.

I don't know why Johnson is in the race. Perhaps xenophobic Republican frontrunner Randy Graf has a mastermind in his camp and this is a public-relations ploy to dissociate himself from outright crazies like Dove, Joe Sweeney, and Roy Warden. Or maybe it's an effort by the xenophobic camp to make bigotry seem bipartisan and thus mainstream. Either way, Bill Johnson is a true bullshit candidate.

Three things are for certain: I'm not a registered Democrat--in fact, I'm a known active Libertarian Party member--I don't live in CD8, and the Johnson campaign has money to burn. Not being able to get the voter file from the Democratic Party, they seem to have resorted to a blanket telemarketing list. Paid, automated calls are cheaper than mailings but still rather expensive en masse.

A fool and his money are soon parted. When that fool is also a bigot, the separation is socially desirable.

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