Monday, October 23, 2006

Munsil Hates Fags: Proposition 107

Len Munsil hates fags.

And unmarried couples, and quite possibly the University of Arizona and the city of Tucson.

Why else would he have led the effort to put the downright spiteful Proposition 107 on the ballot?

Even the usual bonehead reason for supporting this sort of bill doesn't apply here. Many religious people, especially Protestants of the vulgar, "fundamentalist" sort, believe that state law recognizing same-sex marriage somehow changes the definition of marriage used for the purposes of their religion. They never put it that way, of course, as they're thoroughly confused. But Arizona's an easy state to handle for the mouthbreathers as its

Arizona statutesalready declare same-sex marriage void.

Childrearing, too, has nothing to do with Proposition 107, contrary to the hype.

Proposition 107 forbids the state's political subdivisions from creating or recognizingany state similar to marriage. Thus it would eliminate domestic-partner benefits programs in Tucson and elsewhere and greatly restrict the rights of unmarried or homosexual couples pertaining to hospital visitation, next of kin status, and the like. All of the responsibilities of marriage may still be assumed through private contract but, at least at state universities and hospitals and before the courts, and for government employees, none of the rights shall apply.

The only conceivable effect this will have is to make life more difficult for homosexuals and cohabitants employed by municipalities or the State and cause them to seek employment elsewhere. Join with me, Arizona Together, and myriad others in opposing pointless spite such as this.

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