Monday, November 13, 2006

Balance Sheet: Ballot Questions

The results of the election are almost in, and although the Governor has yet to certify the election it looks as though none of these results will change in coming days:

    The Good
  • Proposition 207: PASSED
    In spite of Arizona HOPE's tactic of sweeping the more controversial--and most beneficial--consequences of this proposition, namely partial-takings and the virtual ban on the much-abused "blight" redevelopment procedure, and in spite of the campaign of lies waged by city and county governments, whose positions were adopted uncritically by many local papers, this measure passed by an overwhelming 65% to 34% margin.
  • Proposition 107: FAILED
    This was the surprise result of the election: given the opportunity to deny domestic partner benefits to homosexuals and unmarried heterosexuals working for the government and possibly also to curtail hospital or prison visitation rights, Arizonans shot it down 51.5% to 48.5%. They also refused to put the proposition's key author, Len Munsil, in the statehouse; his 35% vote total looks more like a third party than the GOP in a largely right-wing state!
  • Propositions 105 and 106: FAILED
    Both of these attempts to raid the State land trust, bilk the Arizona taxpayers, and give a sweetheart deal to municipalities and developers, all in the name of conservation, failed, 105 by a wide 71% to 29% margin and 106 more narrowly by 51.5% to 48.5%.
  • Proposition 101: PASSED
    It looks like we've finally got our property tax relief; Prop. 101 passed by a narrow 50.2% to 49.8%! 49.8%-ers: what were you thinking?
  • Proposition 200: FAILED
    There'll be no probabilistic bribe encouranging uninformed voters to go to the polls this year; voters shot down this indecent proposal 66% to 34%.
  • Proposition 205: FAILED
    Nor did this opportunity for mischief make the cut: voters rejected universal mail ballots 72% to 28%.
  • Proposition 302: FAILED
    By 53% to 47%, Arizonans rejected the Legislature's request for a raise.

    The Bad
  • Propositions 100, 102, and 300: PASSED
    These measures, to deny Arizonans without the right federal visas basic services and basic rights, passed so overwhelmingly that it's shameful.
  • Proposition 202: PASSED
    The minimum wage increase passed 66% to 34%, proving that Arizonans overwhelmingly don't grasp basic economics. Worth noting here is that the bill's trojan horse provisions allowing unions access to business records weren't mentioned on the summary given on the ballot.
  • Proposition 203: PASSED
    Furthering my point about Arizonans and economics, this scheme to make more Arizonan parents and children government dependents while paying for it all with a tax we expect to bring in less revenue by the year passed 52% to 48%.
  • Proposition 301: PASSED
    Those convicted of using ever so scary methamphetamine will no longer have the option of participation in what's come to be a model rehabilitation plan. Forget bettering society at a savings to the taxpayer; Arizonans voted that sticking it to 'em was more important by a 58%-42% margin.
  • Proposition 104: PASSED
    And the drunken sailors in municipal governments just had their tab limits raised, 58% to 42%.
  • Proposition 206: FAILED
    The smoking ban which allows owners of businesses where a lot of smoking takes place--bars--failed 57% to 43%. I guess the words "big tobacco funded this" must scare people.

    The Okay
  • Proposition 201: PASSED
    This isn't the model smoking law, and it's too strict a restriction of private property, but it's largely a step in the right direction and it passed 54% to 46%.

    The Silly
  • Proposition 103: PASSED
    We now have English as official language, whatever that means, except when it's not. 73% of red-blooded, slack-jawed whatevers emoted voted to pass this.
  • Proposition 204: PASSED
    Those nonexistent veal farmers will have to increase the size of their pens, and hog production will move south of the border--we all know how humanely animals are treated there--for the long term as voters went for the warm, fuzzy, and meaningless by a margin of 61% to 39%.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for your comments, but I personally wouldn't put Prop 204 in the "silly" category. There are currently 16,000 animals in AZ that are living their entire lives in cages so small that they cannot turn around. Even animals raised for food should be treated humanely. Also, it's probably best to create the rules BEFORE the veal farmers come to AZ (so they do not need to undertake any additional expense of changing equipment or anything). I was happy to see that Arizonans took a strong stand against animal cruelty.