Thursday, January 18, 2007

Andrew Thomas has to go!

Sane, civilized folk would already have rode both Sherrif Joe and Andrew Thomas out of town on a rail. Alas, Phoenix's 122 degree heat has many suffering under the delusion that suspects are the same thing as criminals and that tough talk, ruined lives, and a rulebook written by Kafka are good for society.

Let this one be the last straw. Thomas and his goon squad tried to put a young boy away for life because his computer got a virus. Read more about it on Arizona ex-pat and blogger extraordinaie "CLS"'s site, Classically Liberal.

Prosecutor tries to force teenage boy to register as sex offender for showing Playboy magazine to a friend.
You could be next! What was done to Matthew Bandy can happen to you.
Computer security expert confirms for us on Bandy case.
Bandy case was actually worse than first reported.
A message from Matt's mom.

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