Monday, June 16, 2008

Hmm...I thought that Senators were popularly elected...

I'm teaching--the dreaded Physics 102--for the first time since the passage of a bill mandating the display of the US Constitution in every public (state) classroom in Arizona. I've thus finally had a look at the posters that were tacked up in response to the bill.

The document they present is a strange one: by any interpretation it:

  1. Has the second-place finisher in the electoral college become vice-president,
  2. Defers the slavery question until 1808,
  3. Does not prohibit state abridgement of due process,
  4. Requires the indirect election of Senators,
  5. and places no restriction on Congressional passage of pay raises.

Yes, this Constitution is missing all but ten amendments, including the all-important Fourteenth. What sort of civic knowledge was this supposed to foster?

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