Thursday, July 24, 2008

An avoidable calamity: South Mountain Community College shootings

Reports, still lacking detail at this hour, are coming in about a triple shooting at South Mountain Community College.

Without any word of the motive or exact circumstances, there isn't much to say at the moment, other than that it this incident was probably avoidable. The Arizona Legislature had the chance to pass a bill allowing concealed carry on campus, but Senate president Tim Bee failed or refused to give it its third reading.

Would campus CCW have stopped the shooting? We can't say that for certain, but it would certainly have increased the chance that someone stopped the shooter before he got one or more shots off, and perhaps deterred the rampage in the first place. One doesn't come back after a fight and start shooting if one suspects the others to be armed. Simply put, two guns in the room is far more desirable than one or zero.

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