Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bwana Spence comes to Tucson

From last Sunday's Arizona Daily Star:
"My kids play in the yard and I worry about their safety I poison dog food and meat and throw it out. Have killed off a bunch of intruders around my place," the post says.

The person who wrote that on Craigslist has been poisoning javelina and bobcats, not critters that come to mind as a threat to children. Perhaps this is a case of some borderline mentally ill person afraid of the desert, or all that's wild. If so, why isn't he (that's the generic "he") living in Phoenix or LA or New York.

Here's hoping the investigators locate and fine the sick bastard who's depriving his neighbors of their equal right to those animals. Killing bobcats, especially, can lead to little but trouble.

For those who miss the reference in the title, Bwana Spence was the Protestant missionary in The Lonely African who ordered forest cut down out of fear of what lives among the trees.

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