Friday, October 31, 2008

Ballot Initiative Recommendation Summary

I have now remarked on every ballot question, initiated or legislatively referred, that will be on this year's statewide ballot, and one that will be seen by Tucsonans only. As news comes up in the next few days, I'll post further comments and updates.

In summary:
  • Vote "Yes" on Proposition 100 to prevent real estate transfer taxes from being levied.
  • Vote "Yes" on Proposition 101 to preserve your right to purchase health care and health insurance and to take the bad ideas out of the healthcare reform discussion.
  • Vote "No" on Proposition 102 to keep homophobic bigotry out of our State Constitution and preserve the legislature's ability to give equal rights to homosexuals.
  • Vote "No" on Proposition 105 to preserve ballot initiatives as a means to reform.
  • Vote "Yes" one Proposition 200 to reform the deferred presentment or "Payday Loan" business and preserve this important option for those who are between jobs or otherwise fall on hard times.
  • Vote "No" on Proposition 201 to preserve the option of settling home builder/home purchaser disputes by arbitration.
  • Vote "No" on Proposition 202 so that the legislature may still repeal the harmful employer-sanctions law.
  • Vote "No" on Proposition 300 every election cycle until a need for a legislative pay raise is demonstrated.
  • Tucsonans: After years of fiscal irresponsibilty and the defeat of merit pay, only a "No" vote on Proposition 403, the TUSD budget override, makes sense.

Thanks go out to Ballotpedia,a project of the Sam Adams Alliance, for tabulating my endorsements and linking this 'blog. Their site has grown to be a valuable resource for voters and amateur wonks alike; consider making a small donation to help them cover their operating costs, as I will after the election.

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