Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eegee's, Desert Museum, Tucson Citizen are undemocratic!

Going past Eegee's this morning, I saw that the flavor of the month is "Lucky Lime." Yuck! Bright slime-green--the color of Ecto Cooler--artificial citrusesque sugar water. Not nearly as good as their natural flavors. Don't those of us who occasionally depend on these chilly colloidal empty calories to prevent sublimation deserve a vote in the matter? Eegee's is un-democratic!

And I have a gripe with the Desert Museum, too. Their cougar exhibit is totally unrealistic. Their natural habitat--Scottsdale--has palm trees, wisteria, and In-and-Out Burger. And I think that the museum could make more money from ticket sales if the javelina pen were to be combined with the snake, cat, and wolf exhibits. And I'm sure I can find a few thousand Fox Network watchers who agree. Why can't we put it to a vote? The Desert Museum is undemocratic!

And the Tucson Citizen is undemocratic. They don't call me when they're getting ready to write an editorial, nor do they put their contents to a vote. Chrissakes, they're the Tucson Citizen, just like me!--I deserve a vote in the matter. Thoroughly undemocratic, that I can't get together a petition to fire whoever wrote Monday's editorial. Whoever it was doesn't seem to even understand the rationale behind vouchers. "Market failure?"--what's that. And he calls them "undemocratic" as though that's an insight. Criticizing something by calling it undemocratic is a sure sign of thoughtlessness, and possibly of ignorance or low intelligence. That private schools are undemocratic is the point of the program! The idea is to allow parents who are being poorly served by democratically run schools to put them in schools run by self-perpetuating boards of directors or trustees, and to mitigate the crowd-out and double-payments problem by which the mere existence of public schools causes the education market to fail. The writer didn't research the matter enough to learn why proponents support what they do, and ought be cut from the payroll. Let's get together and vote on it.

We can't do that? Then you're undemocratic! Someone do something! Teacher! Mommy!

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