Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A drink with bread and jam: thousands turn out for tea parties.

I salute those who turned out for the over eighteen "tea parties" across the state. It isn't that I think very highly of demonstrations, but it pleases me to see people going out of their way for the limited-government cause. And, importantly, you caught the press's attention.

The Tucson Citizen reports over three thousand in attendance in Tucson; Phoenix's event starts in about twenty minutes.

Remember that raising one's voice is not political action. Follow this up with organization and with a push for change. Consider reviving Axe the Tax, and let's make sure we pass the next Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act.

Much shame on David Safier "AZ Blue Meanie" of Blog For Arizona for calling the protests "racist." "Socialist" isn't a substitute for "nigger". It's a term the less educated use for politicians who support redistribution of wealth, who stir up class envy, and who can't imagine a solution to problems like those we're facing in health care that involve getting a market working. It's technically inaccurate as a descriptor of policy--Obama at his worst is more of a Social Democrat or New Dealer--but it's accurate as a descriptor of values. Anyone who takes the time to try to understand his opponents would understand this. But not Safier "Blue Meanie", nor one "Jill Tubman" who he echoes.

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