Monday, October 05, 2009

Ballot measure coverage to begin shortly.

Ballot measure time is here. I haven't paid as much attention as usual to the players--the questions are simply that dull--but will, as usual, provide summaries, commentary, recommendations, and links to full text, at least for Pima County/City of Tucson ballot questions. Perhaps Kim or Thane will cover part of what's happening in Maricopa.

You're going to see the word "No" quite a bit. Why I recommend saying "no" to the schoolkids and Officer Friendly, that might be interesting. You'll get my reasoning soon enough, then you can decide.

Comments, as usual, are appreciated. But if any of you call me a shill again based on the content of my Google Ads (just google how those work) I will call on my New Orleans connections and bring some bad juju down on you. Consider it due warning. Ogun and I, we're homies.

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