Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another good resource, and a writing opportunity for readers.

Examiner.com is fast becoming one of the best sources of participatory journalism and commentary on the Web. Chances are you've already been directed to an article or two on the site via Google News. Its writers are paid, but usually have day jobs and are often writing in areas of personal expertise.

Among Arizonan political writers on Examiner, Phoenix Libertarian Examiner Daniel Heller hasn't been writing long, but is showing himself to be a capable and interesting commentator from the modern-classical-liberal or libertarian perspective. I'd add him to the 'blogroll but Blogger.com can't pick up a proper feed from the Examiner, so he's in the link list instead.

To readers who might want to start writing on the Web: Examiner pays, and given that it's a bit more formal than Associated Content, it probably pays considerably more. (For the curious: I've made from this 'blog roughly enough to buy lunch at Subway. Reviewing glue, household appliances, and tasty beverages on Epinions.com pays my internet related bills in a good month. This is a hobby and not a living!) Currently they are soliciting writers in Phoenix and Tucson, with Tucson a bit more wide-open. Scanning the Tucson availabilities potentially of interest to readers, I find:
Arizona Statehouse Examiner
Arizona Policy Examiner
Tucson Economic Policy Examiner
Tucson Fiscal Responsibility Examiner
Tucson Government Examiner
Tucson Nonpartisan Examiner
Tucson Independent Examiner
Tucson Political Buzz Examiner
Tucson Pollution Examiner
Tucson Public Policy Examiner
Tucson Ethnic Restaurants Examiner
Tucson Eco-Travel Examiner.

I'm sure that Tucson Barista Examiner appeals to some of you single guys, too. (I'm not making that one up!) At the very least, it will make for a good pickup line. I can't find an equivalent category for the ladies. Maybe Tucson Single Men Examiner? There are also some wacky ones: "Tucson Cuddle Party Examiner", "Tucson Zombie Examiner", "Tucson Sidewinders Examiner", "Tucson Support Groups Examiner", "Tucson Suicide Examiner".

On an unrelated note, Radley Balko's The Agitator has been added to the bottom 'blog feed.

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