Friday, August 28, 2009

More on Fan Cans

The Desert Lamp has done a fairly thorough roundup of "Fan Can" news. Notably, Becky Pallack, 'blogging for the Daily Star, heard from Budweiser distributor Golden Eagle that not selling UA "Fan Cans" was a "business decision".

Interesting. There'd probably be more demand for this than for blue, white, and tan cans in Provo (I'm picturing Jim McMahon in the commercial...) but not enough to justify whatever costs in storage, retailer shelf space, and goodness knows what else--I don't know a thing about the macrobrau distributor business!--offering yet another permutation of the famous acetaldehyde-flavored rice brew would entail. I presume that that, and not avoiding being the subject of pseudo-moral grandstanding from Robert Shelton, is the reason for the decision.

On that subject: is there any reason to believe that administration grandstanding makes students less likely to consume? Less likely to consume to excess? The way I see it, responsible position-taking on matters of institutional or public policy entails considering whether or not one can reasonably believe one's preferred policy to be effective. There may be good or at least respectable reasons for administrators of a public university to choose ineffective policy. (Some of my readers may be thinking "principle", but saying that one is doing something "on principle" is saying that one is doing it "just because". I'm thinking more about signaling.) If it's not expected to be effective, one must also consider whether or not it will make things worse. Signs point to "yes" here--today's Daily Wildcat reports at least two cases of extreme intoxication resulting from different instances of clandestine, anti-social drinking. Not taking a hardline position on alcohol consumption by 17-20 year olds would put the administration in a far better position to promote socially normal and responsible drinking behavior. And the signaling to our knuckle-dragging black-and-white-worldview legislature and the public that elects them shouldn't be as problematic as it would be if Shelton and Co. grew spines and took an independent stand. They need only engage in me-too-ism and sign on to the Amethyst Initiative.

This actually gives me a good angle for a Sheriff Joe post I'm expecting to have up within the next day or two...

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