Friday, February 12, 2010

Another gem from Martel Firing

In the Arizona 'blogosphere, Martel Firing is probably the master of the succinct, witty post, and he's put up yet another gem. I'll give only a teaser, and a few remarks:
Volgy said (as accurately as I can remember), “Democrats hire garbage men and pay them well. Republicans contract out the job and the contractors pay the minimum possible. So yes, there is certainly a partisan difference.”

  1. Volgy just inadvertently provided one of the best explanations for why urban Democrats--and I'm thinking back to days living in New Orleans and, before that, the Chicago area--are so corrupt and so prone to turning everything into a brother-in-law job. Is this why he's a professor of political science?
  2. A Swiftian economic theory in which a the product of jobs, hours, and wages was maximized instead of utility would be hilarious. Perhaps only to me and two other people, but still, I'd buy that book!
  3. Having been to San Francisco lately, I'm inclined to think that Martel means "stinks" literally.

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