Wednesday, February 03, 2010

PIRG is back at it.

The Naderite busybody brats of PIRG are at it again, attempting to secure funding for their political activity through a line-item fee at the University of Arizona, or so I have learned through the Associated Graduate Council of the College of Science listserv, which I for some reason am still on, a few years after my involvement with that organization.

No word on whether or not another illegal election will be held. I don't know if I'd have standing to sue (I plan on graduating before the next semester starts) but I'm sure I can find someone who does. What's amusing about this is that PIRG lost the plebiscite that (up to the obvious legal speed bumps) decided whether or not they'd be funded by a student line item.

The Internet is great, in that nonsense lives forever. I don't know who the people are in Associated Students of the University of Arizona (the undergrad "student government", a sort of Mickey Mouse organization) who think that they can decide better than individual students--grads, undergrads, or others--what political and policy causes are worthy of support. But I'd like to know, so that their names be preserved on the Web and show up on Google searches for a very long time, for example, when they are being screened for admittance to the bar. They're 18, they're at college: childhood should have been over a couple of years ago. Time to hold them to adult standards.

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