Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Medical marijuana headed for the ballot.

It's the earliest ballot initiative filing in recent memory: on 14 April, the MPP submitted signatures for their ballot initiative, which got the go-ahead yesterday.

Full text will be analyzed as soon as I have it. Until then, read the MPP's summary.

Some of you may have voted for a similar measure in 1996, but that was subsequently all but set aside by the legislature. Since then, it has become nearly impossibly for the legislature to override an initiative. You may have voted for it again when it used the word "prescribe" not taking into account that the Federal government gave that term meaning beyond the obvious plain language, in a way that physicians could lose their ability to write "prescriptions" altogether if they prescribe marijuana.

This 'blogger favors legalization, both to reduce smuggling traffic at the border and as a matter of basic human rights. And all drugs except antibiotics should be available without a prescription. But we're not going to see that this year. This initiative may not be perfect, but will provide relief for some, and deserves support.

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