Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Puerto Rican almost deported to Mexico.

Following an arrest in connection with a car theft, a natural-born Puerto Rican U.S. citizen was detained for three days by ICE and nearly deported to Mexico.

Sounds like the popular version of SB 1070, right? Police hand over Latinos to ICE, where they will be racially profiled. Two problems: SB 1070 doesn't go into effect until 29 July, and this incident took place in Berwyn, IL.

Proof that there's nothing "special" about Arizona. Shall we boycott Berwyn or Chicagoland now?

The geographic references might not make sense to my Arizona readers, but that ICE in Berwyn couldn't figure out that the guy was an American, or at least, not a Mexican was pretty ridiculous. If they didn't know what a Mexican (or at least a Mexican-American) was, they could have walked along Cermak toward Cicero Ave. and figured it out. I could almost understand someone in, say, Bemidji Minnesota not knowing that "Spanish" people come in different kinds, but Berwyn?

And do we need any more illustration of why neither physical appearance nor skill with English are "reasonable suspicion" for being a foreigner?

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