Sunday, January 25, 2009

Davis Monthan noise rules changes and Prop 207

I heard through the e-mail grapevine last week that a "noise zone" around Davis Monthan AFB might be expanded, allowing the base to operate much noisier aircraft, and that affected citizens were organizing opposition.

My question is: Why does this even stand a chance? Didn't we pass 2006's Proposition 207 to prevent this or ensure fair compensation?

Before you say "no, Ben, Prop 207 guaranteed compensation for loss of use", hear me out: Enjoyment of the property is use. "I used to be able to get a good night's sleep, and now those damn A7s are shaking the glass" is rather clearly loss of use.

And my remedy for the sophomoric asshats who say "There's always been an AFB there: 'coming to the nuisance' is a defense" is to call over to the AFB and request low flyovers of your house, no matter where you live. "But the AFB existed when you bought it!"

If anyone who knows more can clue me in, please do. The supposed meeting to organize opposition coincided in both time and space with the last MCRC meeting, making me think the organization is a bit on the flaky side, and so far not a peep from the press.

HT: David F. Nolan, Ingrid Saber

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