Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Student protests at the capitol: a multiple-choice quiz.

In the spirit of a one-size-fits-all state megauniversity, I offer a multiple-choice quiz:

Imagine yourself an Arizona legislator, either Republican or moderate Democrat. (In other words, you're not the Steve Farley "Streetcars are my art project" type.)

  1. On learning that University of Arizona students came to the Capitol today on University-furnished buses, that they received excused absences from class on the Dean's orders, and that some are receiving course credit, is your likelihood to treat the University favorably in this round of budget cuts

    1. Diminished

    2. The same

    3. or
    4. Increased?

  2. Faced with over a thousand people exhibiting rent-seeking behavior on the taxpayers' dime does banning taxpayer-funded advocacy

    1. Remain a low priority

    2. Become a lower priority

    3. or
    4. Increase in priority?

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