Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Unlike last year, no commentary on the fireworks today. I had contemplated an essay on rebellion in free society, but to write such would be self-indulgent, and besides that, I'm away visiting family, and it'd difficult to so much as think with eight people milling about in a "bi-level" house. (What a loud and un-private floorplan!)

If you'd really like something to ponder, think of why the early American govenrnment (Continental Congress), despite the American Revolution having been a minority movement, earned legitimacy. Perhaps it is because the (classical-)liberal ideals on which the law was based are so inherently considerate of others. The Revolution itself, unlike most of today's movements which have adopted some of its symbols, was not one of whiners out to take but not to give. It wasn't "People just want to be left alone". And it was not based on inflexible (and insufferable) ideological "principle", either.

For some inspiration, hunt for an essay of Loren Lomasky titled "Libertarianism as if (the other 99% of) people mattered." Send me an e-mail if you cannot locate a copy. But today, just celebrate liberty.

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