Wednesday, July 21, 2010

List of ballot propositions

Proposition-by-proposition commentary and some coverage later, but don't expect the day-by-day coverage of developments in the news that I've given in the past. Either personal or joint endorsements likely.

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On the November ballot Arizona voters will see the following questions:
  • Proposition 106: An updated version of the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act,
  • Proposition 107: A much-overdue LRCA prohibiting racial discrimination by the State or any of its political subdivisions,
  • Proposition 108: Guaranteeing secret ballots in both political and union elections,
  • Proposition 109: A somewhat enigmatic LRCA guaranteeing an affirmative right to hunt and fish,
  • Proposition 110: An LRCA pertaining to exchange of trust lands to prevent "encroachment" on military bases,
  • Proposition 111: Eliminating the office of Secretary of State and establishing that of the Lieutenant Governor, who is to be co-elected with the governor,
  • Proposition 112: Changing "centum" to "cent" in the law pertaining to ballot initiative signatures (stupid), and also requiring that signatures be filed six months before the election,
  • Proposition 203: The only initiative on the ballot this year, a medical marijuana law with real backbone,
  • Proposition 301: Transferring land conservation fund money to the General Fund, overriding a past ballot initiative,
  • Proposition 302: Repealing most of the "First Things First" initiative, transferring its funds to the general fund, with the stipulation that they be appropriated to Health and Human Services for the benefit of children.

Ballot initiatives didn't have the momentum they had in 2006 and 2008, but the legislature was busy!

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