Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dos Cabezas

In the modern era of government bailouts, no town of three hundred--certainly not one with a Wells Fargo stage stop--would be allowed to fail.

I've posted another photoessay to Associated Content, this one a shoot of Dos Cabezas done during a Wings over Willcox lunch break. Portions were supposed to be submitted to Jones Photo's winter contest, but Dwayne's took their sweet time with processing and I missed the deadline.

Arizona is full of places like Dos Cabezas, funky "ghost towns" that are still inhabited. Were I to return, I'd approach the subject rather differently. Rather than so heavily emphasizing old individual structures I'd show Dos Cabezas as it is. As I'm planning on going to Whitewater Draw before the sandhill cranes leave for the season, I'll be in the area again, and might take a roll of Kodachrome 64 to shoot this second, more interesting essay.

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