Saturday, February 21, 2009

Walter Block to lecture in Arizona

I consider myself neither an economic "Austrian" nor a proponent of the form of government sometimes called "anarcho-capitalism", and actually have less sympathy for either position than one would imagine. (Readers of Sacred Stew or other places I can be found around the Web know this already.) But many of my readers have either an-cap or Austrian sympathies, so I post this as a sort of service.

Walter Block sent an e-mail a few days ago announcing that he'll be giving three lectures in Arizona. I've found him, in person and in writing, to be one of the more interesting and intelligent advocates of both of those positions. Unlike many who hold such positions, he does not avoid engagement with the larger communities of economists and philosophers. it would be worth your while to attend even if you, like me, don't think talk-arguments are valid economic methodolgy and don't believe "contract" and "property" have meaning in a lawless context.

It's always nice to meet readers at these sorts of events, but I'll be out of town at the Biophysical Society meeting for all three, so I won't be in the audience. For those of you who will be around, details are as follows:

Mar 3. Tucson, AZ.
12:15-2:00 PM
University of Arizona College of Law, Federalist Society
Contact: Jason R. Doucette
Title: "There's no such thing as market failure."

Mar 4. Phoenix College of Law.
Noon-1 PM
Contact: Jeff Hall
Topic open.

Mar 4. Tempe
3 PM-
Arizona State University Federalist Society,
Contact: Paul Clawson

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