Tuesday, February 24, 2009

See that "Trackback" link?

A while ago, I switched to Haloscan as a provider of comment features on this 'blog. I thus added two other features: Trackback and star ratings. Look at the bottom of each post, and you'll see links for both.

A good 'blog is at least in part a conversation with other commentators. I always appreciate it when someone links to a post, but don't always have immediate context that allows me to link back to your remarks. But if you ping the trackback link, that you also have something to say will be evident to my readers without me having to take any action at all.

If your 'blog software isn't set up to automatically ping, set yourself up with a HaloScan account and ping manually from there. It'll mean more traffic from you, bring your post to my attention, and you don't have to change your comment section or 'blog format to do so.

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