Sunday, June 28, 2009

Additions to the 'blogrolls

Some minor housekeeping:

Kim's 'blog, The Path of Most Resistance, and Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish have been added to the non-Arizona 'blogroll that usually displays down at the bottom right.

Sonoran Alliance, the major right-wing 'blog in this state, has been added to the roll. Like 'Blog for Arizona, its anti-rational partisanship and occasional descent into outright cliché of the lowest sort makes it often grating, but it's nevertheless a good source of information.

In the Arizona section, "Chandler Criminal Defense" is the 'blog that used to be called "Brown and Little PLC". Terry Bressi's fantastic Roadblock Revelations, keeping us abreast of his own Federal civil rights case and Border Patrol infringements of civil liberties, is certainly worth following. Dustin's Gun 'Blog has improved over the last two years to the point where it's now frequently insightful, in addition to being a reasonably thorough source of news concerning firearms legislation in Arizona. Both have been added.

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