Friday, June 12, 2009

Homeless in Arizona

A Tempe-area homeless man maintains a set of Tripod webpages (what a throwback!) in a 'bloglike fashion, that are very much worth reading. From 2003 until 2008, he documented his experiences on Homeless in Arizona, and for unknown reasons switched in 2009 to a different URL. There's much to learn, both about the homeless way of life per se and the many little ways in which local governments "kick" the down-and-out.

I know the author, a probable schizophrenic and beneath the paranoia, erraticness, and abnormal affect a Nice Guy, but did not realize until recently that he's homeless. As he seems very uncomfortable letting people know this--and won't acknowledge the matter when I bring it up--and as he's somewhat of a public figure, I won't name him here. He is a highly skilled programmer, so if anyone would like to offer him a computer "gig" of sorts I'll do my best to put him in touch.

If he takes my advice and migrates to Blogger or Wordpress, I'll add him to the 'blogroll. Until then, just follow the links above.

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