Sunday, June 07, 2009

Changes at Goldwater State

A heavy workload and a cut to the hand that rendered typing painful together caused an un-announced 'blogging break. Posting will still be light for another few weeks, but I'm "back" as of right now. Thank you for your patience.

As promised, a few changes are happening at Goldwater State. One of the 'blogs more serious deficiencies was sparse coverage of Maricopa County happenings. I'll now be joined by a co-'blogger, Kim Ruff, who resides in the Phoenix area; the almost two thirds of readers who live in the Phoenix area will see increased local news and commentary in addition to a fresh perspective on statewide affairs. (Who wants to hear from a scientist all the time, anyway?) I'll let Kim introduce herself in her own post.

An e-mail will go out to roughly two dozen potential "regular" guest 'bloggers by 30 June 2009. If you're interested in being an occasional commentator on this site, you don't have to wait for this; sending me a backchannel e-mail will do. My aim is to make Goldwater State more conversational by the time I leave the state, and to be able to hand it over to two or three regular co-'bloggers.

Fall will bring a more exciting development, which I can't say too much about yet. When it happens, you'll notice, right away.

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