Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do not park on bridge.

On Aravaipa Road, about two miles west of the Nature Conservancy's Aravaipa Canyon trailhead, there is a one-lane, prefabricated bridge passing within 15 feet of an almost-sheer rock wall, with prominent signage: "Do not park on bridge".

On the way in yesterday, I remarked to Rae Ana "I was almost overwhelmed by the temptation, but that sign dissuaded me": surely the view was beautiful, looking down at the canyon-bottom ranches and farms, but so are the two miles on either side.

But on the way out, I thought I saw a deer to my right. But deer don't climb rock walls, and don't have horns. Then four more joined it, and I realized that they were bighorn sheep: one ewe, one ram almost helmeted by his horns, and three juveniles in all, walking four-legged along a canyon face that would challenge a rock climber.

We parked on the bridge, and watched them pass. Good thing, too: two basketball-sized rocks landed five feet in front of my car.

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