Monday, September 14, 2009

At least one homosexual couple got married in AZ.

I missed this story in the Arizona Daily Star when it was printed back in February, but the act of civil disobedience is too clever to ignore:

A lesbian couple obtained a marriage license in Pima County by filling out the form as-is--without crossing out "male"--and submitting it. The legal theory on which they base their actions is that they only affirm that the information they fill in is correct; any errors on the pre-printed County form are not the subject of their oath. They made this explicit to the clerk and were told that it is not a problem. The Pima County Clerk's office's policy is not to look up skirts, grab crotches, or even ask about the gender of applicants for a marriage license.

Looks like I also failed to report on the collapse of the institution of marriage in Pima County in the ensuing months, or the confusion that ensued as "valid concepts" were muddled for elderly randish Libertarians with lame excuses for not standing up for the rights of others. Oh wait, none of that happened.

A bit of Google searching couldn't turn up the final disposition of this matter. Anyone who can provide me with an update, please do!

HT: Audrey Stirnitzke

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