Sunday, September 06, 2009

Health Care Reform Letter to the Editor Contest

Nearly all Americans can agree: health care and health insurance policy, as they currently exist, no longer meet our needs. We disagree on the solution. President Obama and most Congressional Democrats see profit and competition as expendable inefficiencies and believe that coverage can be expanded and prices lowered by government entry into the insurance market. Libertarians and other supporters of free-market health care reform see the markets in health insurance and health care as being broken by poorly thought out Federal and State regulatory policies, especially by promotion of overinsurance and coupling of health insurance to employment, and wish to use the best economic advice available to fix these markets.

Nick Coons, currently seeking the Libertarian Party's nomination for U.S. Congress, AZ 5th District, has been giving radio interviews and pounding the pavement talking to ordinary voters and promoting the role of markets and choice in health care reform.

He's just one voice. Claiming that a government program will take care of everything is easy. Explaining how to fix markets, how to expand coverage and choice at the same time, that's difficult, more so because the public and the popular press are unfamiliar. Promotion of real health care reform has been the province of policy wonks and economics nerds for too long. It's
time to take these ideas to the masses.

That's where you come in. Stand up for your health care, and help make Nick Coons's job easier, by spreading the idea of free-market health care reform via guest opinions and letters to the editor. Between now and October 24th, get your letters and guest opinions promoting free-market health care reform printed in Arizona newspapers, and submit them to our contest. The author of the best letter or guest opinion will receive a Nick Coons for Congress T-Shirt, in any color desired as long as it's blue, and a $25 gift certificate.

The Rules:

A single winner will receive one Nick Coons for Congress T-Shirt and a $25 gift certificate.

Where and when letters must be published: Entries must be published between 5 September and 24 October 2009 in a daily or weekly Arizona newspaper with circulation of more than 5,000 copies per day. Both guest opinions and letters may be entered. Web-only publication of a letter does not constitute publication for purposes of this contest.

Participants must register their entries by e-mailing a link to the page of a a newspaper's website containing the letter to, or by mailing paper clippings to

Goldwater State
Attn: Bennett Kalafut
1939 E Hedrick Drive
Tucson AZ 85719-2420.

Entrants must include their name, home address, and e-mail address along with their submissions.

Participants may enter multiple letters or guest opinions.

The name and town or city of residence of the winner and other notable or remarkable entrants will be posted on Goldwater State. Addresses and e-mails will be kept private.

Selection of winner:
A single winner will be selected by 30 October Bennett Kalafut, Nick Coons, and Nick Coons campaign manager Kim Ruff, using Condorcet voting if there is no consensus. The judges' decision is final. If we are unable to contact the winner by 7 November 2009 October, the prize will be given to the second-place finisher.

Final details:
By submitting an entry to the Goldwater State Health Care Reform LTE Contest, you agree to the rules above, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Goldwater State and the contest judges. Contest is a project of and funded by Bennett S. Kalafut doing business as "Goldwater State" and is not affiliated with Nick Coons for Congress. Bribes will not be accepted and flattery will get you nowhere.

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