Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jeff Flake isn't running flat.

We can usually count on (6th District Congressman) Jeff Flake to be a voice of both tolerance and good economic sense. For a dose of the latter, see his letter to President Obama about the tire tariff.

Far from distilling think-tank talking points, Flake (or his staff) are contributing something new to this discussion: it is worth considering, as they remark, that this will make US producers--or Big Labor--think pursuing Trade Act Section 421 claims and provoking further trade disputes with China will be a fruitful strategy. The law or not, this sends a bad message.

The claim that the domestic tire industry wasn't involved is not an exaggeration. Some producers even objected. Sensible--I'd want to sell my tires in China, too, were I in that business.

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