Monday, September 28, 2009

New firearms laws go into effect on 30 September

The various new firearms laws--some good, some bad--passed this Spring go into effect on Wednesday, 30 September. They are:
  • HB 2532 Limited restoration of rights for people no longer deemed incompetent
  • HB 2569 New penalty for smuggling people for profit, involving a deadly weapon
  • SB 1113 CCW in liquor-serving places OK without drinking, unless no-gun signs
  • SB 1088 Domestic violence protection extended to romantic or sexual partners
  • SB 1168 Parking lots cannot ban firearms locked in vehicles, with exceptions
  • SB 1242 Exemptions from CCW and more for more "proper authorities"
  • SB 1243 Defensive display of a firearm in self defense defined and protected
  • SB 1437 AZ High School Marksmanship Program instructor definition expanded
  • SB 1449 Retroactive self-defense clarification ("Harold Fish gets away with murder" law)

I remarked on several of these, including SB 1168, earlier in the year. Of them, SB 1243 is the most important from a practical point of view, and those who carry should familiarize themselves with it thoroughly.

HT for the list: Alan Korwin

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