Friday, September 18, 2009

Goldwater on government's track record

I'll stray a bit from strictly Arizona matters in providing a link to a guest opinion in the Capitol Times wherein Barry Goldwater, Jr. provides a punchy list of failed Federal government schemes, many involving government entry into competition with the private sector. Worth considering now that the idea that health care can be fixed by creation of Government Public Option Insurance Co. has somehow gained currency.

A fair enough digression: the 'blog is named in honor of the elder Goldwater, and Barry Jr., although formerly a member of California's Congressional delegation, now resides in Arizona, remains active in politics, and has his name frequently dropped as a short-lister for Governor or Senator. Seventy-one is younger than it used to be, and he's a classical-liberal, not a nativist paleocon like cousin Don; I'd welcome those campaigns as much as I'd welcome the also-rumored Jeff Flake runs for yet higher office.

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